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 Shop Shop Shop!
Shopping at Sunway Pyramid with two of my best friends Shu Zhi and Wen Chun. Spent so much today D: But I am happy and satisfied with my spending today. Shu Zhi and I helped Wen Chun to choose his clothes. Haha XD It was actually very fun choosing clothes for one another. It's been so long since I had so much fun shopping with friends. Had Pizza Hut for lunch. We sat there for quite some time chit chatting about stuffs.



Left Sunway Pyramid around 5pm. Thank you Wen Chun for fetching us around today. Below are the things I bought today. That's all for this post. Bye!

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 Pacific Rim.
Last night my friends and I went for a movie, Pacific Rim. The movie isn't that bad but it's not very good either. To me it was like an advanced version on Ultraman. There were some parts that are funny. The Kaiju are really ugly. The Jaegars are pretty cool. I like how the Drift works, where two people can share their memories.

On the 13th July, Cory Monteith passed away in Pacific Rim Hotel, Vancouver, Canada. I am a GLEEK. So I am really sad about his death. Finn played by Cory Monteith, is one of my favourite character in Glee. Cory and Lea was going to get married soon. Rumours states that they were already planning for the wedding and yet now Lea has to plan a funeral for her boyfriend. How devastating. *sigh* May you R.I.P. Cory Monteith.

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Finally watched Despicable Me 2!! It was good. Maybe cause I love cartoons. The minions are so cute. I would really want to have one. I wanted to buy the Mcdonals minions set but it is out of stock. *sigh* I shall go buy a plushie instead. Agnes is so adorable! Dream daughter.

Pictures of the day! :)

Finally I would like to share a short video with you guys. The minions singing " I Swear ". Cuteeeeeeee.

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 7th July 2013.
My grandma was at my house for a few days. I love it when she is here. She cooks nice food for us! Love her cooking. She went back to my auntie's house yesterday.After we fetched her back, my mom, younger brother and I went to Leisure Mall Cheras. Window shopping for a bit. I can't buy anything because my mom forbids me from buying things. She kept saying I should wait for the government university intake results to be out first. And because I'm an obedient daughter I listened to her advice. Leisure Mall was pretty crowded that day. Anyways, I finally got to try out the bearpaw bun! I wanted to try it months ago.It looks so cute. Overall the bun taste okay. The meat is thick and tasty, sufficient amount of tomatoes. The only thing that I didn't like much was the milk bun. To me it was a little too sweet. So, next time I shall try a different bun. That's all for now. Ciao.

My cute grandma on her birthday last month! :)

Bearpaw Bun!
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 Happy 2012! Port Dickson was awesome!
Happy new year people! Gonna be a good year ahead for everyone. This is gonna be my stpm year, so I have to work hard and spend more time studying. Which means less time hanging out with my darling friends. D: I am gonna miss going out with them.

Anyway, I had a most memorable trip with my friends on the last day of 2011 and the first day of 2012. Thank you Nicholas for planning this trip. Thank you all for coming with us. Thank you Delon for fetching me around. Thank you Delon and Choon Kei for the alcohol supply.

Delon fetched me at 10 in the morning. Kadine, Asthen and Michelle were in the car. Off we go to PD. We did not go straight to the hotel, we waited for Nicholas and gang to meet up with us which includes Choon Kei, Ka Hing, Suresh and Daniel. So we camwhore!

Party People In The Car!

Sadly, we ate McD for lunch. We went all the way to PD to eat McD. Hahaha XD After lunch we hang out at a shopping mall. I have no idea but everywhere we go, people stares at us. Maybe we are too noisy. Kadine, Michelle and I each bought a cheap vodka for the night but we cant taste alcohol at all. It taste like soft drinks.

We checked in at Cozzi Hotel by 3.00 pm. In my opinion the hotel is reasonable. The room is not that bad. 10 people in 2 rooms! We changed and get ready for the beach. We drove to the beach as the beach near the hotel is packed with people.

It was so so so hot in the beach. :O I saw so many crabs crawling around. We went and ride a speed boat. Hell yeah that was fun! After beach we went back to the hotel to swim. They have this 4m slide and I think that was fun too.

After bathing, we had dinner at a nearby seafood restaurant. I think the food is cheap, RM 193 for so many people. Next, highlight of the trip! Drinking session! We bought a carton of Carlsberg and Choon Kei brought a bottle of peach vodka. Drinking is awesome and I was drunk! XD We were so noisy in the room. Countdown was in the room too. We wanted to go out to countdown but we were too drunk to walk out. And Happy Birthday Nicholas!

Everyone went to sleep except Delon, Asthen and I. We couldn't sleep. So we chit-chat in the balcony. We even walk out to the nearby carnival thing just to see mat rempit going round and round.

We woke them up at 7 something in the morning. They were like zombies. Damn hard to wake them up. Everyone woke up except Ka Hing and Choon Kei. We went for breakfast without them. McD breakfast again. I did not eat, just drank a cup of coffee. We packed up and left PD at 11 something in the morning. Asthen, Michelle and I drank beer when the car was going at 180 km/h. Damn gassy!

Say Cheese!

Kadine and Michelle went home. The others went for pool. Lunch then movie. I have no idea where my energy come from. So energetic. I came home around 5. Bathed, unpacked, finding for camera cable, uploaded photos and off to night market. SKYPE with the peeps till midnight. :D I was awake for 40 hours! AWESOME!

I woke up at 12 something in the afternoon. Slept for 12 hours plus. :O The worse thing is I have tuition later. Thats all for the update today. Bye everyone!
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Holiday started last week on the 19th. Lower 6 life officially ended. Gonna be a senior next year. Anyway, I went to genting with my family few days ago. Overall it was fun but 4 days there is just too long. The weather there is extremely coldddd! I had to wear like 4 layers of jacket and socks when I am sleeping.

I came back on Wednesday. I am so bored at home now. Looking forward to this sunday's gathering :DDD
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26-8-2011, Friday
I reached Kadine's condo by 6. Some of them were already there. Played basketball for a while. It was drizzling D: So we were so free we took pictures. 38 people like CONNIE, NATASHA and I were taking stupid pictures. HAHA. The boys were incharged of the fire. Thanks guys! <3 Lovely food prepared by Nicholas's dad and Asthen's grandma. BBQ food was awesome too.

Drank some alcohol. First time drinking so much. HAHA PS: My so much is like one cup. Celebrated Su Poh, Michelle and Ka Hing's birthday! We were playing some games and stuffs.After that we went snooker then to Overtime. Reached home about 2 somthing in the morning. It was an awesome day! <3

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